Educational Support Activities

The educational support committee was created exclusively for charitable, educational, and scientific purposes, particularly to support public education enrichment endeavors, which may include but are not limited to:

  • Developing and supporting programs that promote improvements in public education for the citizens of Pennsylvania.
  • Encouraging and supporting students seeking careers in public education.
  • Promoting the positive accomplishments of Pennsylvania’s public schools and the outstanding service provided by individuals employed in public schools.

Currently the educational support committee administers the following programs:

Grant Program—The grant program provides each of PASR’s instate regions (12 total) with grant monies totaling $750 per year.

Lauretta Woodson Recognition Program—Each of PASR’s 74 Pennsylvania chapters are permitted to give this award to an educator and support professional on an annual basis to recognize their efforts on behalf of students and public education. The honoree receives a medallion, pin, and proclamation of their service. Some chapters also provide a nominal honorarium to the awardees. Each chapter has the latitude to determine the procedures for these awards.

Local Initiatives—Help chapters raise funds to carry out programs serving the educational needs in their local communities like educational support grants, mentoring, tutoring, etc.

Other Programs—The committee is open for any suggestions for providing professionals with programs to improve the education of public schools in Pennsylvania.